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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

8 Women Who Do More Harm Than Good

Lillian La Mantia angers me. She is a woman from Farnham, Surrey featured in today’s Daily Mail (yes I read it), telling women to be ashamed of their bodies and cover them for fear that men may see them as sex objects. Well isn’t that a symptom of a bigger problem? That society allows men to do this, not that women invite it. Why should women feel the shame and not the men too? Either everyone shut up, cover up and look up into the eyes when having a conversation, or embrace the human form regardless of gender and celebrate flesh as the attractive thing it is. Preaching modesty does not correct the issue - it merely underlines the belief that a woman's body is a sex toy, to be covered as deemed inappropriate. By all means Lillian, clothe your own skin however you so choose, but do not tell me how to.

And so, in honour of Lillian, I bring to you 7 more women who think they’re doing good, but are actually part of the problem.

7) Courtney Stodden
6) Natasha Giggs
5) Sarah Palin
4) Mariah Yeater
3) Pageant moms
2) Kris Jenner
1) These women:

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