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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bring Back Real Klute

Klute has changed hands and lost all of its character. This follows a recent trend of whitewashing student tradition in Durham. Not only does this create a monopoly of nightlife and show little regard for the wants of the people that prop up the local economy, these changes negate what we call 'the Durham Difference' - all the unique aspects of student lifesyle in Durham that sets it apart from other universities. The Facebook page, started by my good friend Rosie Patchett and administrated by me, Bring back real Klute, has become exceedingly popular. Here is what various news outlets are saying about the campaign:

Meanwhile, a new page, entitled “Bring Back Real Klute” rocketed into popularity and gained 800 “likes” in the space of as many seconds. The National Student

A Facebook page called ‘Bring back real Klute’, set up in protest at the alterations, has already achieved over 1,100 likes, more than five times as many as the Klute nightclub page itself. The page suggests a university-wide boycott of the previously popular club, to be held outside Klute on January 15th, its re-opening night. The Palatinate

Already, a guerilla campaign has sprung up in the form of a facebook group entitled, 'Bring back real Klute', which has attracted over 700 members in a few hours since its creation. Significantly, more than four times the amount of Klute's official facebook page. The Durham One

Their opening night “Midnight Mass” has been announced on Facebook, yet many are astonished by the potentially insulting allusions to religious practise. The numerous comments following on the page are also far from optimistic about the future of the established club, with many concerned at the loss of Klute traditions, to the extent that a rival Facebook group has been created to “Bring back real Klute.” Purple Radio

Klute's new management has taken to Twitter to respond. Some more nights to be announced very soon...Can anyone smell cheese?

Too little, too late?

Please do something, get riled and support a cause. Click here to find out more about the New Klute Boycott.

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