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Friday, 6 January 2012

Felix & the Bandit

Joining the ranks of music’s finest Mancunians, Felix & the Bandit are a flourishing underground electronica duo with an exciting new take on and a penchant for dubstep, electro and house. Formed in late 2010, Phil Jacob and Jack Mck have caught the attention of many industry favourites and have performed alongside the likes of Chase and Status, Beardyman, P-Money, Example, Funtcase, White Lies, Magnetic Man, Katy B, Cookie Monsta, 16 Bit, MS Dynamite, Gemini and Skepta, amongst others at a range of venues and festivals across the UK. Alongside their resident host NRJ, the duo who met during their time at a Manchester comprehensive secondary school, have carved a distinct niche in underground electronic music with a unique blend of charisma, talent and whimsy that proved most successful throughout 2011. The coming year promises more success for Felix & the Bandit, who are on the precipice of something big.

Felicity Hall speaks to close personal friend, Phil Jacob, on why we should believe the Felix & the Bandit hype.

So Phil, for people who have not yet come across your music, how would you describe Felix & the Bandit’s sound?
We try to go for a very cinematic feel with our music, with very detailed intro's and sounds. As for our 'drops' as such, we go for a very electric approach, mixing dubstep styles with electro influenced sounds.

Sounds good! Who would you compare Felix & the Bandit to?
I'd say our style is similar to the people we look up to in terms of producing, so the likes of Helicopter Showdown, Sluggo, Nerd Rage, Zomboy and Figure but then on the electronic side, I’d say Fatboy Slim, Porter Robinson and Neus etc.

In terms of fashion and style, who or what influences Felix & the Bandit’s image?
We mainly have our own style, not really influenced by artists in terms of fashion. I'd say we'd aim to have the same kind of image as the likes of Skream & Benga, respected by all producers/fan bases and known to be down to earth guys.

So what is more important, image or sound?
Sound, I think the likes of Deadmau5 kind of prove that - amazing producer but known to be quite arrogant.

Nothing wrong with that! What has been the highlight of your career so far?
I'd have to say its split between two: the first would definitely be supporting Chase & Status at UTR on The Beach in Newquay; the UTR crowd is one of the best we've ever had and the vibes were incredible. The other I’d say is not from a DJ/producer’s perspective, but after our set at Beach Break Live, sitting in the sun with a beer watching Newton Faulkner finish his set with Bohemian Rhapsody - that definitely was an amazing experience.

And it’s only up from here, so what do you hope to achieve in 2012?
Well, just to keep striving and improving production wise. We hope to travel internationally and play shows, especially in the US. We hope to have released an EP/album with a certain label (I’m sworn to secrecy on which) on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon etc..
And to be playing regular weekly shows in different cities and places!

More information and music from Felix & the Bandit can be found here.

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