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Friday, 13 January 2012

The Klute Boycott

With candles in hand and dressed in funeral attire, Durham students are to protest outside Klute at 10pm on Sunday 15th January 2012 - the night of the club's relaunch with new management. The event, humorously titled 'Funeral for a Friend' will mark the first night of the student movement to boycott the once popular nightclub, in response to the un-Durham changes that have been made in secret to the club over the Christmas period.

Whilst 165 students are currently attending the event on Facebook, it is yet to be seen how much support the boycott and its preceding protest will have. Alternatively, students have resolved to enter the new venue and create as much fuss as possible - by occupying, sitting-in, demanding Klute's original soundtrack and ordering Klute's trademark 'Quaddie Voddy' at the gaudy new bar. Regardless of method, Durham students are unhappy and Klute’s new owners are quickly backtracking from their ill-researched PR disaster.

However, until college nights, cheese music, the DJ, Quaddies, Disco Waters and the no-local policy are reinstated, the new Klute owners are going to face a fierce backlash to their attempt to destroy a Durham institution.

Additionally, in response to the Klute scandal, the Durham Union Society will host an emergency debate on the subject on the 20th January: This House Would Restore Klute to its Former Glory.

To join the movement and bring back real Klute, click here.

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