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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Formal Fashion Feature: Halfway Hall 2012

Easily my favourite ball dress this far, mostly because it is so different to anything else I have worn.

The Halfway Hall is a second year event to celebrate the exact night that marks the halfway point in your three year degree - scary stuff. The night, newly invented this academic year by close friend Charlotte Parks-Taylor, consisted of a champagne reception, gourmet meal in the Great Hall, followed by ballet, music, casinos and cocktails.

I wore an interesting mullet-style black dress, with lace overlaid on the bust, sleeves and a long skirt. Reminiscent of Ladies' Night, I wore my hair pinned up, only with more curl and donned my usual dramatic smoky eye. Dark brown-red false nails, my faithful black platforms and an ear-to-ear smile finished off my outfit and made this night memorable.

A lesson learned from this look? Have the confidence to choose something that you usually wouldn't - it may provide the drama that your wardrobe has been lacking.

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