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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Formal Fashion Feature: Ladies' Night 2010

I stayed out of anything formal during sixth form, and instead attended my post-A Level party in a mini skirt and see-through blouse, so my next formal occasion did not arise until Michaelmas Term of my first year at university.

A winter ball, themed like Monte Carlo (but in the snow, due to freezing November temperatures) called for a more conservative approach to black tie than prom did, and so I went for an old favourite Lipsy corset prom-cut party dress, with seamed tights and a fur shrug.

Whilst I still love this dress - the dress I was wearing when my high school boyfriend and I first got into a club under age - I look back on my photos now and feel the shrug was a mistake. Whilst I love fur, faux of course, I just don't think the cut was right for me. However the rest of my outfit was just fine, albeit a little dull, as LBDs often can be. I still really do like the corset dress, just styled differently nowadays.

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