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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alex Day at HMV Manchester

On Tuesday 3rd April, the love of my Youtube life, Alex Day will be signing copies of his latest single, 'Lady Godiva' in Manchester.

Alex Day, known as nerimon to the Youtube literate amongst us, is a 20-something bloke from Essex who makes his living on the internet. To those who are unfamiliar with professional vlogging, my excitement at meeting Alex seems a little bit creepy. However, to a dedicated subscriber like me, Alex is something of a demigod.

Famed for his dry humour, Alex Day has captured many hearts through the computer screen, including that of Stephen Fry, who calls Lady Godiva 'a pop song with a great hook as pleasing as a Bach chorale.'

Alex, I am very much looking forward to Tuesday and hope I pull off the cool-not-crazed-fangirl act convincingly. I have standards and cynicism to uphold, you understand.

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