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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

& Other Stories

The fashion elite scoffed when high street super-giant H&M recently announced it's intentions to bring a higher-end store to our market and somehow I fear that the fashionistas amongst us will be even less impressed with today's developments.

Because H&M have named their luxury sister store '& Other Stories.'

Representative press officer for the Swedish brand, Camilla Emilsson explains that:
"It will be at a slightly higher price bracket and with a little better quality, but still stay within the framework of our business concept-fashion and quality at the best price."

Sounds promising. Here's hoping that H&M prove the fashion snobs wrong and have a runaway success in their new venture. Even if the name doesn't fill me with confidence just yet, I trust H&M's expertise in the high street.

And I trust anyone with that much attachment to the ampersand.

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