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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Suit Up

I love a man in a good suit. A slender torso, obvious height and good style can transform a garment on a hanger into a look on a man that never fails to get me hot under the collar. So why is it that I, as a woman, cannot have my own collar on an outfit that makes me feel just as hot?

Rather than donning yet another gown to a event, a woman at a formal occasion in a well-tailored suit exudes power, dominance and chicness - everything that I find sexy. As a fan of sharp tailoring, I've been wearing blazers and peg-legged trousers for years, but have never owned a suit. Maybe I'll resent them once forced into a work uniform, but right now I'm all for pushing gender boundaries and see no reason why women shouldn't wear suits as formal wear like men.

So here, my favourite power suits on my favourite powerful ladies.

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