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Friday, 29 June 2012

One Hundred Days of Summer 2.0?

Remember this banner? I certainly do.

Once upon a time, in a year so far in the past it seems almost fiction, I spent 100 Days of Summer daily blogging in diary format. This blog gained quite the cult following: though I won't disclose viewer statistics publicly, it was certainly popular online and its publication got me noticed. In fact, the success of my 2011 summer extended blogging project was what encouraged me to rebrand into FASH for 2012 - an all together more speedy and poppy publication, where news, updates, photo sets and opinion pieces reflect Mancunian culture and my lifestyle, rather than my own internal (often venting/raging) monologue.

However, 100 Days of Summer has not gone down without a fight. Both in person and online, friends and non-friendly readers have enquired about my summer plans and encouraged me to start the project up again - a summer 2.0 if you will. I am afraid to say that I have declined. I have many reasons for not wishing to diary blog this summer. Most notably, because I am too busy to make that commitment with the other projects I have chosen to take on board - these few weeks in June and early July will be my only free time this summer. In July I start a Marketing and PR internship with the events firm behind Manchester Pride which involves preparation and admin, social media marketing and networking, public relations work with performing artists during the festival and production work throughout the Big Weekend. After August, I then take on another internship placement taking me right through to my third year at Durham University - though details of this are top secret until further notice.

Whilst I would love to write diary blogs again and receive the same positive feedback as last year, I simply cannot promise the same quality of content. But fear not, this does not mean that I will not have time for blogging - quite the contrary. will continue as usual (and may become quite interesting throughout the course of my summer work, if and when I rub noses with celebrities). In addition to this, I have decided to try my hand at video blogging at some of the summer's major events. Think footage from the Stone Roses at Heaton Park, Prestwich Arts College school reunions, Manchester Comic Con, Nerdfighter and Youtube gatherings and Manchester Pride. A trial video of an Alex Day CD signing is currently live on my Youtube channel vlogfliss.

My dedication to creating online content has not decreased - I am just exploring new and exciting forms of creation. Please do keep checking back here to see what I'm getting up to, what I'm enjoying and what content I've managed to create - advice and constructive criticism always welcome. In the meantime, I will be live tweeting my every action for the foreseeable future at @felicityhall and will always appriciate follows, Youtube subscriptions, blog comments, Facebook messages and phonecalls! Fundamentally, if you've got an idea for me or us, I want to hear it - it just may help to make summer 2012 the best one yet.

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