by Felicity Hall

FASH at is the fashion and lifestyle blog of Felicity Hall, a politics student and aspiring media, marketing & PR guru, from the cultural goldmine that is Manchester, UK.


FASH at blog posts can be sorted into five categories.

  • Editorials
    A collection of opinion and news pieces on a range of topics, including fashion, lifestyle and culture.
  • Events
    A series of notifications and accounts of events in areas of personal interest, including politics, fashion and entertainment.
  • Interviews
    Articles in question and answer format which showcase the talents of friends and affiliates from all creative genres.
  • Lookbook
    A directory of the fashion and beauty purchases made by Felicity Hall during 2012, as a means of documenting the evolution of personal style.
  • Pictorials
    Photographic features paying homage to the material beauty and photographic talent of icons, artists and photojournalists.

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