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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dior CD3222 Glasses

Why? Now these are a pair of glasses. I have both astigmatism and myopia, and so can't really see further than 2m in front of my face any more. Whilst everyday life and up close work isn't too much trouble, reading a blackboard, driving and... you know... seeing far away is a nightmare. These glasses are glued to my face at the minute - I love them. Weighty and yet feminine, I like the chunky frame as it is on trend, without looking like a try-hard hipster. My look of the minute involved a high, bushy ponytail and these frames, peeking out from under my fringe. Lush, lush, lush!

Valentino VAL 5776 Glasses

Why? Because I'm blind. These are my spare pair. I like them, but no where near as much as the Dior pair. They're comfy to wear and I like the shape of the frame, but can't help feel as though the plastic frame feels and looks a little cheap.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Topshop Merrily Open Lace Up Shoes in Orange

Why? I liked them. I've not actually tried them on yet. I hope they fit.

Topshop Mint Ballet Pumps

Why? They were on sale. 

Topshop Nude Ballet Pumps

Why? My usual pair needed replacing. So I replaced them.

Next Mesh Suit Dress

Why? Because I am a grown up, and this is what grown ups wear. Though mine is navy blue.

Next Black Leather Pointed Court Show

Why? I didn't have a court show, and I've got business functions coming up. Also, these are New Look shoes. Mine are the same, but I couldn't find an image. Sodding Next website.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I am having a massive wardrobe clear out, and am flogging lots of clothes to make room for plenty of new ones! Please click on the eBay logo above to see my active listings and feel free to bid! (Any one I know who buys will get a special mates rates discount upon winning the auction!) Happy bidding!

Items I currently have listed, as described on eBay, are as follows:

Getting Carried Away...

I think I like shopping for home furnishings more than I like shopping for clothes. Just got these from H&M and Urban Outfitters respectively:

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rose Garden Rockstar

Love my new cover photo, from today's shoot.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Bailey Court Mood Board

My favourite part of going back to university after the summer is getting a new bedroom to decorate - something I enjoy thinking about lots! Here is a collection of items that I have either bought, am going to buy or love but can no way afford. A lookbook for my bedroom, if you will.

My sister jokes that my theme should be called 'Oppressed Poland' but I think it's going to look chic.

Songs for Boyfriends Past

After reading Hayley G Hoover's blog post, which you can find here, I couldn't not do my own.

Essential R&B (Regret and Beer Goggles)

1. Bus Stop Kiss (Right Time Right Place)
2. A Lemon Wedge Won't Make it Classy
3. Mumbling I Love You
4. Your Foreskin
5. The House in Cyprus
6. I Don't Like James Bond Films
7. It's Okay, I Know You had Sex with Her
8. Actually, It's Not Okay (feat Gerard Way)
9. What do You Mean her Hair Looks Better than Mine?
10. Your Family Scare Me
11. First Choice Right Choice
12. Tabloid Scandal
13. Eat, Drink & Be Married

Happiness and An Existential Crisis

It has been over a year since I have written this type of blog post – maybe that is a good thing or maybe they’ve been missed – I suppose I’ll find out in the viewing stats. In actuality, I only ever write like this when I need to tell myself something, when I need to change how I think. Spelling something out on screen and putting it on the internet for everyone to see, giving advice on how I think feelings should be dealt with, is my way of correcting a problem in my life and putting myself right.

Being a little bit cryptic with it is just part of the fun.

I often wonder how many people I know could call themselves truly happy. Happiness is a concept I find incredibly subjective. On a day to day basis, most of us are happy. We get out of bed in a morning, go about our days and fall asleep at night with ease. Real happiness, at least for me, is a deeper concept.

Happiness is something I have had problems with in the past; my doubt in finding it the source of many an existential crisis. I might be laughing and smiling, but if I am not living with purpose, I am not happy.  For 5 years I was in long term relationships, fine on a day to day basis, but not self-fulfilling-feel-good-inside happy. These feelings were incredibly difficult to control or resolve - I felt like nothing had any purpose, and that all the interpersonal relationships I maintained were temporary.  In order to be happy, I think I had to stop cowering underneath the security blanket a relationship gives you – an automatic friend. Instead I had to do something. To get out there, to meet people and put my efforts into a project I care about, not another human being. The incredible feedback by blog received last October, for example, gave me the courage to make some very big life changes. Likewise I look back over my A Levels, and I was happiest not on holiday with my boyfriend or celebrating anniversaries, but working on my studies and part time in a cinema.

I am happiest when I am doing. A self-confessed workaholic, and it has taken a year of being single to find the right diagnosis and recipe for happiness inside me.  So that is what I shall do. BBC internship over and graduate job offer under my belt, I am working my way down my to-do lists! Cleaning, shopping, eBay selling, dissertation researching, giving press interviews (to do with my media-guru-ness, but a bit of a secret at the minute, ssshh!) and eventually packing to move!

Have I mentioned my business?  I am running an online social media consultancy firm! Basically projects (newspapers, candidates, campaigns, products, bands, etc) come to me and I teach them how to maximise their revenue and publicity via social media and real life networking. Visit for more information and do make an enquiry if you would like to talk business.

I’m quite glad I got all that off of my chest. Hey, maybe I’ve put too much of myself on the internet here. This time last year, I was told this was a bad thing. This year, I’m being paid for it.

Turns out I’m pretty good at knowing who and what is right for me.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Topshop Fur Shawl Biker Jacket

Why? Awesome black jacket for autumn wear? Mission accomplished. Oh. My. Goodness. I love this jacket. The fur is so soft and the leather such good quality. What's more, it was a present from someone I love very much. I am now rocking Chewbacca-chic. I'm so excited. I'll stop now.

Topshop Spike Necklace

Why? I liked it. Simple. As. That.

Friday, 7 September 2012