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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Formal Fashion Feature: Phoebe's Prom

Friday 29th June 2012 was the Prestwich Arts College leavers prom, and 4 years after my own attendance at the same event, the school's current Head Girl (and my sister Phoebe) attended the event looking radiant.

Phoebe wore a watermelon Venus Bridal gown, Topshop drop earrings, a Dorothy Perkins clutch, Lipsy shoes, hair by Enigma Hair and make up by MAC at House of Fraser.

I am a very proud big sister.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Suri's Burn Book

A popular website and now bestselling book, Suri's Burn Book is subtitled 'Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood's Little Sweetheart' - and that's exactly what it is. a witty piece of pop culture that I today stumbled across has had me laughing for hours. Author Allie Hagan, writing as little Suri Cruise provides her expert opinion on Hollywood's offspring, judging their style by her own high standards.

Some of the best anecdotes online include:

On Honor Warren:
It must be nice to have no worries. Honor probably doesn’t even know how much more famous than her I am.
On Blue Ivy Carter:
Blue Ivy wears jeans. And you all thought she was going to be able to compete with me.
On Violet Affleck:
Violet, Violet, Violet. What is going on here? Are those pajamas? Is that a one-piece jumper thing? Is that cheap cotton chafing your skin? What is on your arms? Were you trying to make a temporary tattoo sleeve to match your terrible jim-jams outfit? If so, I guess it was kind of a success. I don’t even know what to say about those shoes. Are they bowling shoes for a baby?
Visit Suri's Burn Book online here.

Oreo Goes Gay

When earlier in the week, this picture of a rainbow Oreo was posted online, I thought "that's nice, what a clever way of supporting a good cause" and not a lot else really. Sadly there are people a lot less tolerant than I who, enraged by homosexual rights, have begun to boycott Oreos whilst in support of Pride.

Thankfully, Oreo refuse to back down and gay rights advertising has become something of a trend during Prides this summer. Here are some of my favourite response adverts to the Oreo backlash:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Divorce & Adele Pregnant

As quoted from
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting DIVORCED ... after 5 years of marriage. Katie's attorney, Jonathan Wolfe released a statement saying, "This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family." Wolfe adds, "Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest." It's unclear if divorce papers have been filed with the court.
Wonder if Amber Heard is behind this one too?

In other news, singer Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki are expecting their first child. My congratulations to the couple, who have asked that their privacy be respected during the pregnancy.

Hot Cakes by The Darkness

Today, The Darkness revealed the artwork for their hotly anticipated third album, Hot Cakes. True to vintage Darkness form, the artwork depicts scantily-clad women, the iconic band logo and appears to show pancakes located in space.

Hot Cakes is due to go on sale on the 20th August 2012 in the UK. I am more excited than words can describe.

Red Hair Appreciation

Have toyed with the idea of going ginger for quite some time now; if I do become a redhead, these photos are the reason why:

One Hundred Days of Summer 2.0?

Remember this banner? I certainly do.

Once upon a time, in a year so far in the past it seems almost fiction, I spent 100 Days of Summer daily blogging in diary format. This blog gained quite the cult following: though I won't disclose viewer statistics publicly, it was certainly popular online and its publication got me noticed. In fact, the success of my 2011 summer extended blogging project was what encouraged me to rebrand into FASH for 2012 - an all together more speedy and poppy publication, where news, updates, photo sets and opinion pieces reflect Mancunian culture and my lifestyle, rather than my own internal (often venting/raging) monologue.

However, 100 Days of Summer has not gone down without a fight. Both in person and online, friends and non-friendly readers have enquired about my summer plans and encouraged me to start the project up again - a summer 2.0 if you will. I am afraid to say that I have declined. I have many reasons for not wishing to diary blog this summer. Most notably, because I am too busy to make that commitment with the other projects I have chosen to take on board - these few weeks in June and early July will be my only free time this summer. In July I start a Marketing and PR internship with the events firm behind Manchester Pride which involves preparation and admin, social media marketing and networking, public relations work with performing artists during the festival and production work throughout the Big Weekend. After August, I then take on another internship placement taking me right through to my third year at Durham University - though details of this are top secret until further notice.

Whilst I would love to write diary blogs again and receive the same positive feedback as last year, I simply cannot promise the same quality of content. But fear not, this does not mean that I will not have time for blogging - quite the contrary. will continue as usual (and may become quite interesting throughout the course of my summer work, if and when I rub noses with celebrities). In addition to this, I have decided to try my hand at video blogging at some of the summer's major events. Think footage from the Stone Roses at Heaton Park, Prestwich Arts College school reunions, Manchester Comic Con, Nerdfighter and Youtube gatherings and Manchester Pride. A trial video of an Alex Day CD signing is currently live on my Youtube channel vlogfliss.

My dedication to creating online content has not decreased - I am just exploring new and exciting forms of creation. Please do keep checking back here to see what I'm getting up to, what I'm enjoying and what content I've managed to create - advice and constructive criticism always welcome. In the meantime, I will be live tweeting my every action for the foreseeable future at @felicityhall and will always appriciate follows, Youtube subscriptions, blog comments, Facebook messages and phonecalls! Fundamentally, if you've got an idea for me or us, I want to hear it - it just may help to make summer 2012 the best one yet.

Formal Fashion Feature: Prom Preparations 2012

My little sister, Phoebe, is 16 years of age and will be attending her first educational formal event this Friday: her secondary school leavers do - the prom.

Naturally, as with my prom back in 2008, months of planning has gone into this outfit. Now I won't share the dress with you just yet, but feel the epic shoes and sculpted hairstyle trial-run photographs deserve a fashion feature just on their own!

Shoes are Lipsy, hair is by Janine Evans (my long time hair guru) at Enigma Hair, Prestwich. Finished look photos will be online after the event.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

VidCon 2012

To quote the official VidCon 2012 website:
VidCon is the largest conference, convention, and celebration for people who love online video.

Whether they’re creators, viewers, enablers, or a mix of all three, all are welcome to learn, have fun, and enjoy some of the best content on or off the internet at VidCon 2012 in Anaheim.

And for the 3rd year running, I am gutted that I cannot be there.

Vlogging and online video is one of my social media loves. A big-time social networker, I find myself increasingly involved both personally and professionally in the internet and its many uses. I blog, vlog and tweet. I attend Youtube gatherings and internet conventions. Heck, I fangirl over Alex Day. VidCon is the spiritual home of all things youthful, fresh and innovative online. And for anyone as involved in online content as I am, for means of personal entertainment or business, VidCon is a wealth of knowledge and a creative outlet to showcase the online future.

The event itself is running now - 28th-30th June 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California: a little out of my way. But that doesn't mean the conference is totally obsolete for those not in attendance. Over the next few weeks keep an eye out on Youtube - vloggers and Youtubers will be posting their VidCon videos and the official account will probably stream the convention's pivotal events and panels for all to see.

Together, the online community is a powerful force and VidCon is just one way that it can get together to be used for creative good and innovation. Hopefully in the future I can attend on behalf of my company (or even to showcase personal online success) but as for now, my online content can only be found here, on Twitter or at vlogfliss.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Miley Cyrus: Style Icon

Can we just hold up for one second and appreciate how much of a goddess Miley Cyrus has become? When I was growing up and my 12-year-old sister was into Hannah Montana, I have to admit, I'd have been the first to roundhouse kick Miley Cyrus in the face given the chance. But come on, have you seen the girl's body at the minute? No wonder she snagged a Liam Hemsworth, she's stylish, bad ass and absolutely smoking hot. Here I salute the Cyrus, and perve on the most perfect pair of legs I think I've ever seen.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Manchester MCM Expo Comic Con

Self confessed geek, nerd or gamer?

We've seen them on TV, in magazines and for a long time now we have been jealous of our nerdy internet counterparts from across the pond. Forget Games Workshop or Forbidden Planet - the only place for nerds to be seen, aside from in front of the Xbox 360, this July is at the Manchester MCM Expo - Manchester Comic Con.

For those of us, stuck in the rainy North West of England, conventions used to seem a thing of fantasy. Well not anymore. Sure, we can't jet to Vidcon for the Vlogbrothers and Emerald City still seems further away than the yellow brick road will let us travel, but fear not, a little bit of nerd has made its way home in the Manchester MCM Expo. Our own little alternative in all things nerdy.

So if you know your Totoro from your Zelda, Mario and Sonic or want to see some cosplay in action, get down to Manchester Central on the 21st July 2012. For more information click here - you know that Leonard and Sheldon wouldn't be caught anywhere else.

Paul's Hair World Manchester

I cannot recommend Paul's Hair World, on Oldham Street, in Manchester enough.

I have worn human hair extensions for years, on special occasions mostly, though for a large part of 2009 through a bad haircut they became a daytime staple. I would consider myself a bit of an expert on hair extensions; having bought many sets and done plenty of research in my time I have not found a store as well stocked or as helpful as Paul's Hair World. So today I was on hand for my sister's right of hair passage - her first set of extensions - and the only place I was going to take her to was PHW.

Having a very multi-tonal shade of blonde makes buying hair extensions more difficult. I have always worn an 18 inch European human 6-piece set. Due to the long length and density of my hair, I can accommodate quite a lot of additional layers without looking too false. My sister has no such luxury with fine, short hair but PHW were very helpful, finding shorter lengths, thinner textures and a multi-tonal weave to match her bottle blonde highlights. The shop assistant even split a packet to only sell us 3 weaves, rather than the usual 6 a full head like mine would take.

For sheer quality of hair (my sets have each lasted me over 2 years) and variety of lengths, colours and textures Paul's Hair World is the only place to buy hair in Manchester. However, be sure to know what you want before you enter the store - staff are predisposed to a very stereotypical 'Scousewife' look and will be likely to sell you the longest, blondest/blackest, straightest and chavviest set of extensions they offer. Be sure that, if you're after a natural look, that is what you are leaving with. And do ask to try on in store to make sure hair looks thick, full and most importantly alive when worn with your own.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Johnny Depp

A poem by Tim Burton.

There was a young man
everyone thought was quite handsome.
So he tied up his face
and held it for ransom.

He made everybody
back up 20 feet,
then he ran off
with his head
down a darkly
lit street.

The whole town
wondered why he'd
threatened his face,
they couldn't understand,
... it was that kind of place.

Pok├ęball Nails

My inspiration:

My own:

Happy 16th Phoebe

My little sister Phoebe Grace Hall turns 16 today. Congratulations little Spud!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Twitter Bios

Writing a Twitter Bio can be a stressful occasion. How is one supposed to convey facts, personality and just the right amount of humour in a mere 160 characters. Furthermore, how should one feel to know the entire world can read it? Surprisingly, many people do this very well. So starting with my own, here are a few of my favourite funny and effective bios from the people I follow - authors have remained anonymous.

I'm so optimistic I'd go after Moby Dick in a row boat and take the tartar sauce with me.

I tweet rubbish.

Yes, I want to follow you on twitter. I care about your life so much.

Durham student. Loving life.

some british kid who happens to be an INTERNET CULT LEADER

actress, bit moony, ginger flailing enthusiast. sagittarius.

I'm pretty boring and tweet about cats a lot.

Occupation: Sitting in booths, drinking Grey Goose and looking fucking fabulous

walker, talker, faller, getter back upper againer

Pornstar shagger and NASA astronaut.

Laser 3.14

Amsterdam had always seemed like a cool place to me. I was aware of the Red Light District, the prostitutes and the legal drugs, all of which I found intriguing. I had half expected to find a seedy and dirty city in the Netherlands, and so never wanted to make any concrete plans visit, preferring to holiday on Mediterranean beaches with my then-boyfriends as every 18-year-old in love should.

But then I discovered John Green.

John Green, whilst most famous for his endeavours in vlogging, is first and foremost an author with a passion for Amsterdam. Like me, John expected to find a Dutch Las Vegas in Amsterdam and was shocked at the green, well regulated city he came across. After falling in love on the first visit in May 2007, he and his wife Sarah, moved the family temporarily to Amsterdam whilst John wrote his latest book, The Fault in Our Stars. It was reading this novel that changed my perspective and convinced me to book my flights.

John spoke of a city that was as intelligent as it was free spirited, and continued to document Amsterdam through his vlogs, which can be found here. These vlogs, subtitled 'Thoughts from Places', draw poetry and philosophy from everyday surroundings and global culture. For me, it was through watching these videos and reading of Hazel's awe in the city that changed my perspective of Amsterdam. To quote John himself, 'some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.'

John noticed this insight and freedom in the city's graffiti - both intelligent and beautiful. I took that on board and was pleased to come across some of my own when in Amsterdam myself. I merely thought that I had captured a one-off piece of street art when I posted this photo upon returning from my trip. What I now know after some research, is that the graffiti both John and I were inspired by is the work of one artist - Laser 3.14.

To quote his translated Wikipedia page:
Laser 3.14 is the pseudonym of an anonymous graffiti artist, painter and poet in Amsterdam in early eighties at about age eleven began writing graffiti.The poet behind the pseudonym Laser 3.14 syringe socially critical short poems on fences and street construction sites, particularly in Amsterdam . His pseudonym is a reference to his love of science fiction . 3.14 herein is for Pi, which is also an abbreviation for 'Public Image'.
Laser 3.14's work is magnificent, innovative and incredibly clever. I did not just photograph a pretty image, I documented a piece of contemporary street art that inspires humankind to see the world with optimism and hope, just as John Green does with his vlogs.

I am absolutely going to see more of Laser 3.14's work. My favourite quotes (so far as I am still uncovering others) include Life's too short so bend over and I stuck a fork in the road but my doubt remained the same. Through the industrial settings, the sometimes broken English and the limits of the law on a can of black spray paint, Laser 3.14's humour, lust for life and human spirit shines through. Move over Bansky, you're old news.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Saint Laurent Paris

Yves Saint Laurent, under new creative director Hedi Slimane, has dropped the Yves in a re-brand of the fashion collection. Now, I'm all for a good re-brand, but there is something about tradition in the most high end of fashion houses - Chanel, Prada, Gucci, YSL, etc. - that (for me anyway) should remain classic.

Bold move, Slimane, I hope the house doesn't live to regret it and forget the glory days of Yves Saint Laurent himself.

This Dina Bar-El gown, available to rent on, is possibly my favourite formal dress ever. June Ball 2013 anyone? Either way, I can see myself renting some fabulous designs for next years events; renting websites are the way forward.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Fame: A Perfume by Lady Gaga

Wasn't it Severus Snape who first told us we could bottle fame?

Bottle is lovely and the dark liquid is dramatic so hope it doesn't stain light clothes. Looking forward to getting my nose around this one. I have high hopes; this will not be a tacky celebrity scent.

My Nail Bar Durham

Did a very good job on a French manicure, all for £12! Would highly recommend.

Rachel Gilbert

Ball fever has hit Durham, and even though I am not attending (am working the events instead for the dollar) it doesn't mean that I can't do some dress shopping!

After scouring Netaporter and concluding that £4 grand is totally reasonable, I noticed a trend in the dresses I was liking. Time and time again I found myself liking Rachel Gilbert dresses, so a swift visit to her website was very satisfying. I love her use of sequins, very to my taste! Here are some of my favourite designs from Fall and Fall Bridal 2012.

Monday, 11 June 2012


Noun: A strong desire to travel: "a man consumed by wanderlust".

After a series of long weekends in some of the globe's most elegant and culturally diverse cities, I am only spurred on to see more of the world and visit nations I have never before visited. Here is my top ten wishlist of cities to long-weekend in whilst as young, free and single as the Earth itself.

1. Moscow

2. New York

3. Berlin

4. Lille

5. Edinburgh

6. Brussels

7. Oslo

8. Athens

9. Venice

10. Reykjavik